Father, I thank you, for “teaching my hands to war and my fingers to fight” (Psalm 144:1-15).

Fragrant Love Ministries, Inc. (FLMI) is an outreach ministry committed to the afflicted and addicted; the homeless and the hopeless; the discouraged and the discontented; the rejected and the reproached; the scarred and those suffering silently.

We open our arms and heart to all women – young and elder – from every facet of life, with the eloquent fragrance of God’s love.  Our desire is for you to receive your breakthrough, healing, deliverance, salvation, restoration and/or miracle through the power of the Holy Ghost.

We will gather once a year, beginning in the year 2019, for an equipping conference. We invite you to meet me (Prophet Deidre Burks) and a dynamic team at our Annual Conference in 2019.

Get ready to enter into a realm of power, praise, worship, strategic warfare prayer, apostolic authority, prophetic explosion decrees and declarations.  This is a place where the enemy losses his power (knowing that Jesus already has gotten the victory and ALL power belongs to Him)!  Get ready to release the strategies of the Lord Tsboath – the Lord of Host is His name!  Get ready to be ignited and impacted with spiritual authority!  Jehovah Gibbor, the Mighty Man of War fights your battles for you!

Prepare to go back to your home, city, town, region, state, nation, or world with a hammer and a tent peg in your hand in the Spirit, to crush and destroy every enemy against you; just as Jael crushed Sisera, captain of king Jabin’s army (Judges 4). You will leave the Women of War Conference anointed to kill your enemy softly!

God is raising up the Deborahs, Hannahs, Jaels, Esthers, Anna, Huldahs, Marys, Ruths, Proverb’s 31 women, etc. – to take you to your next trimester destiny!

Make this decree:  “I am a combat-ready woman of God, clothed in the whole Armour of God. I am ready for battle because I am armed and dangerous!”

Do you have a song of victory yet? (Judges 5)

Contact Information for FLMI W.O.W. Ministry:
Prophet Deidre Burks

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